Ichiama School History

*April 1, 1913 The school was founded as a vocational school for girls.
*April 1, 1919 The school changed its name to Amagasaki Municipal Girls High School.
*April 1, 1948 The school became co-educational and was renamed Amagasaki Municipal Senior High School.
*April 1, 1966 The school relocated to its current location.
*January 17, 1995 The school incurred severe damage from the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
*February 14, 1998 The school was rebuilt after the Great Hanshin Earthquake and as a result,
@the new school buildings now have central air-conditioning and the latest fire and earthquake-protection safeguards.
*April 1, 2000 The current physical education course commenced.
*October 29, 2004 A sister school relationship was established with Namuji High School in the Republic of South Korea.
*April 8, 2008 Students who applied under the new Hyogo Prefecture Educational Guidelines began thier first year of high school.
*November 11, 2013 Amagasaki Municipal High School 100th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony
@and Memorial Concert Special Memorial Issue of "Ashikabi" Published.
*April 8, 2015 Double registered students selected IN 2015, Hyogo Prefecture school districts were redistributed.
@The first students to be admitted under the new districts started this year.
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