School Curriculum

General Education Course
 Through Year 1-3, students in the General Education Course study a wide range of
compulsory and elective subjects.
 First year offers students general education subjects, and for English and Maths
subjects, students are sorted based on their aptitude for each.
 In Year 2-3, students select between humanities ( including courses in Social studies,
International Culture ), and maths / science. During the 2nd year, students select
streams focused on career paths leading towards entrance to university, short-term
college, vocational school, or to seeking employment.
Physical Education Course
 The specialist Physical Education stream trains today's athletes into tomorrow's
 Students undertake general education classes, as well as specialist classes in Physical
Education and Health Education. In addition, they participate in the sports club of their
choice. During 3rd year, students participate in an Acquatic Sports excursion.
 Physical Education students are taught social manners and behaviour, ensuring they
become upstanding citizens.
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